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May 2011

Officers: President: Fred Schieszer, Vice President: Tom Eagle; Secretary: Al St. Germain; Treasurer: Terrie Jo Fox; Directors: Penrod Turk, Ralph Schmude, Jeanné Willerth, Frank Taylor, Al St. Germain and Past Presidents. Chairpersons: Wings Program : Open; Safety: Chris St. Germain,
Ann Taylor; Meeting Arrangements: Terrie Jo Fox;
Al St. Germain


I have big shoes to fill.  While we wish Mitch well, we will still miss him.  What a breath of fresh air to have him with us for even a short time.  I know that he will return to the area from time to time, and we look forward to visiting when he does.  I have many long time friends who are willing to show me the way as I learn the tasks of our chapter president.  Gary and Terry Jo have helped me along, and I am sure will continue to do so. (even if Gary claims to be retired!)  The board meeting which I attended showed me that we have many dedicated, caring members who genuinely want to keep our chapter top notch and an activity which area pilots want to be part of.  As spring has sprung:  Go Fly,  Take a friend who hasn't gotten to fly(but always wanted to) Go Fly,  Make it part of your weekend plans.  Go Fly,  Make a business trip out of it,  But, most importantly  Go Fly,  Its what we do!  Fjs

SPEAKER SUMMARY - How a program expected to be serious could be so interesting, informative and funny is beyond us.  It was our annual FAA Appreciation Night, and we were treated to talks by three of our local Central Region professionals.  Allan Martens, Supervisor, General Aviation Operations Section of the Kansas City FSDO, (Flight Standards District Office) for the last three years of his 13 years led it off.  Most of his duties include management and certification of repair stations, Part 135 Air Carriers, A & P Schools, A & Ps, Pilot Schools.  They also support Operations with review of MELs (Minimum Equipment Lists) and other documents.  Coming from Concordia, Al had 25 years of local avionics experience, some at Grain Valley.  He regrets that working at a higher level, he misses the personal touch such as working with Sheldon and Ruth Stafford.  Al said it is a great time to be in aviation with the phenomenal technical advances in situation awareness, navigation, and communications.  The human factor comes into play, pre-flight, complacency, maneuvering airspeeds, aircraft spacing, etc.  NextGen(eration Air Transportation System) is a big subject which entails the modernization of the air traffic control system using satellites.  I guess that will be like texting, fewer people talking to fewer people.  It will provide commercial links between ground and aircraft.  So, another acronym is born, ADS-B, (Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast.)  All of this to be effective in 2020.  (VORTACs were supposed to be shut down by 2000, we may need to be patient.)  Other advances, IPads replacing charts, old style ELPs being replaced by the 406 which requires registration, and finally, glass cockpits replacing round dials, not fully welcomed by the old timers, but loved by young pilots who grew up on the carpet with a joy stick.  Great talk, Al!  Next was Jack Swensen, Branch Manager, Technical Standards & Evaluation Branch who has eight inspectors scattered around the Central Region.  He deals with regulations, enforcements, reviews packages, handbook changes for inspectors, provides opinions on many items coming from headquarters.  New certifications such as night vision goggles.  Answers congressionals, safety hotline and whistle blower complaints.  He works with ACE-220 validating instrument approaches, more additional tasks than space allows.  Jack worked on Air Force C-130s, C-141s, and KC135s, after which he joined Litton, owned avionic shops, then joined FAA as a principal avionics inspector, all great preparation for his current managerial position.  Real interesting, Jack.  Our third speaker was Laurie Swensen, by no coincidence, Jack’s wife of 21 years, having met him on the job.  She works on the ops side of ACE-220, handling pilot deviations, incident actions, but started out answering the phones noting pilots were always nervous.  She loves to learn so she can answer all but the technical questions.  Administrative Assistance Officer now, handling aircraft registrations by mail while pilot certificates are handled on line.  Coming from Portland, she felt she had gone back in time.  She enjoys her work and has lots of fun.  Laurie said not to be afraid to call.  In closing, Al thanked her for her service on Administrative Assistant’s Day!  Editor

DINNER RESERVATION INFORMATION - VERY  IMPORTANT!!  May meeting moved to Thursday, May 26th due to an unavoidable scheduling problem.  Our regular meeting venue for the coming months is the fourth Wednesday of the month through October at Hy-Vee at the northeast corner of Noland Road and 40 Highway.  Use the “Food” entrance.  Go past the deli counters all the way to the back.  Follow the rest room sign.  As usual, we will have time to socialize at 6 PM, followed by dinner at 6:30 PM sharp on the Fourth Thursday, May 26th.  Our menu will be Garden Salad, Grandma’s Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Southern Style Green Beans, Fresh Fruit for Dessert.  Drinks.  There is only a limited number of seats, so make your reservation early, but not later than Tuesday, May 24th.  Price is still only $12.00 which includes beverages and gratuity.  Reservations are a must, so please e-mail Terrie Jo,, or call her at home during the day at 816-525-3592, or Gary’s cell, 816-985-5406.  Congratulations to Doc Bailey who won the free meal in April.  Remember, reservations must be made and kept, and meals ordered for you must be paid for to Hy-Vee.  Special note:  We have had several occasions where people arrived with no reservations, and we ran short.  Hy-Vee provides only the exact number of meals we order.  Reservations are a must, or food can be ordered from the deli counter.  Remember the meeting change to Thursday, May 26th  Terrie Jo.

MAY SPEAKER:  Dave Sizoo recently joined FAA here in KC, and has moved his wife and two small girls from Ft. Worth.  He is a retired Air Force Lt. Col. and test pilot as well as an MIT graduate.  Dave and his brother own a Columbia 360 hangared at OJC.  He is an active flight instructor as well as an FAA Small Airplane Test Pilot.  Sounds like an interesting talk!

May 14th.  Saturday, Pancakes 7:30 – 11 and Young Eagles (8 – 17) Lee’s Summit Public Works Expo at XT*
May 15th, Sunday, MPA State Board Meeting, 1 PM, Columbia Airport
May 26th, Thursday, Membership Dinner Meeting, 6 PM, HY-VEE at Noland Road and 40 HWY
June 4th. Saturday, State Convention, Grand Glaize
June 7th, Tuesday. MPA Chapter Board Meeting, 7 PM, Executive Beech Hangar, Downtown Airport.  All members are  welcome.  Your ideas and input are valuable. 
June 18th, Saturday,Pancakes,7:30 – 11 and Young Eagles (8 – 17) at Lee’s Summit   
June 19th, Sunday, MPA State Board Meeting, 1 PM, Columbia Airport
June 22nd, Wednesday, Membership Dinner Meeting, 6 PM, HY-VEE at Noland Road and 40 HWY
July 5th, Tuesday, MPA Chapter Board Meeting, 7 PM, Executive Beech Hangar, Downtown Airport.  All members are welcome.  Your ideas and input are valuable. 

OUR OWN WEBSITE!  The Kansas City Chapter of the Missouri Pilots Association (MPA) now has its own website.  This website is being hosted by Tom Eagle, our vice president.  Please visit early and visit often at (capital letters not required).  It has the latest and greatest newsletter, THE FLYER.  If you would like to take a trip back in time, there are also previous copies of THE FLYER newsletters in living color.  You will find links and embedded videos from YouTube (thanks Mitch) presented for your moving experience.  There is a calendar of planned events, not only our chapter events, but other activities of interest in our area.  We will be reaching out to other groups and entities which we can help support by including references to them at our website.  This is OUR website, therefore we need your input (information, suggestions, corrections, etc.) to keep this website alive.  Please email with your latest.  Tom Eagle




Gary and Terrie Jo have retired!  They can be reached at home, 816-525-3592 or Gary’s cell, 816-985-5406.  The old Foxware number will ring at former employee Terry Brown’s place of business if you need computer service, 816-795-7233

Please contact Terri Jo, 525-3592


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